Shocking Video: Naked man reportedly chops off penis and goes on a neighborhood rampage; possible drug use involved

**WARNING: Viewer discretion advised**

Police arrested a naked man on Sunday who apparently chopped off or cut his own penis and started screaming at people in a Chicago neighborhood.

Cellphone footage caught the unidentified man on Monday evening as he walked down Grace Street and Drake Avenue, completely naked, with blood all over his crotch area. He walked to up people behind a metal gate and started cursing and yelling, while the bystanders asked him to call down.

Shortly after, two female Chicago police officers arrived. When the suspect noticed the squad car, he rushed towards the officers, screaming at them.

“Get out of here, b****.”

The person filming the incident, clearly annoyed with the obnoxious nude man, shouted at the officers to shoot the suspect.

“Oh my God, bro. Shoot his a**. Shoot that mother f****r.”

One of the officers used a Taser and subdued the suspect, who sat on the curb, but continued to rant and scream. Meanwhile, another officer arrived in a van and when he exited the vehicle, the suspect got up and walked towards him, resulting in another Taser shooting him in the abdomen. The naked suspect fell to ground.

It’s still unclear what caused the man to behave the way he did or whether he was arrested or not. Numerous social media users wrote the suspect was likely on “bath salts” and other drugs.

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[Feature Photo: Screenshot]