Woman convicted of deliberately poisoning FOUR young children walks free; police tell parents to be on high alert

Toronto, Canada, police want the message spread to parents that a woman convicted of poisoning four children walked out of prison on Monday, and although she’ll be closely monitored, authorities want to the public to remain diligent in watching their children.

CTV News reports that prison officials released Christine Allen, 36, on Monday afternoon. Allen served four years out of a six year sentence for “administering a noxious substance to cause bodily harm.”

From 2009 to 2011, Allen ran a daycare from her home in Kitchener, Ontario. According to HuffPost Canada, Allen gave four children in her care over-the-counter eye care products. The products contained Tetrahydrozoline, which can cause hives, rashes, low blood pressure, respiratory issues, headaches, eye pain, and decreased heart rate.

None of the children died after Allen poisoned them, but most of them became seriously ill.

Court records indicate that Allen will be living in the Charolais Boulevard area of Brampton, Ontario. Police warn that she is considered “high-risk” for being a repeat offender, and parents in the area should take caution. Allen must adhere to numerous rules in connection with her release requirements, including no contact with children under the age of 16.

The Correctional Service Canada will closely monitor her daily activities.

[Feature Photo: Peel Regional Police]