Police: Drunk dad strands little girl in desert with no shoes, water after she ‘argued’ with him

Authorities arrested an Arizona man after he reportedly bit his little girl and left her stranded in a desert area on Saturday with no shoes or water.

Rare reports that Christopher Charles Watson, 28, allegedly forced his 10-year-old daughter out of his truck after getting into an argument with her. He reportedly left her in a desert area in Mohave County, close to McVicar Avenue and Norrie Drive. The temperature on Saturday reached reached 91 degrees.

A passerby spotted the victim sobbing and walking along an asphalt road with no shoes. The woman asked the victim what happened, then dialed 911.

According the victim, the day started with her dad arguing with her. Watson became furious and reportedly forced his daughter into his truck, then later pushed her out of the vehicle. The victim said she tried to grab the truck’s door handle and get back into the vehicle, but she hit her head when her dad sped away.

Medical responders took the girl to a local hospital. She complained of a headache and neck pain. Authorities also noted a bite mark her neck; the victim said her dad “did that.”

Officers later found Watson sleeping inside his home off of the 3500 block of East John L Avenue. A deputy noted that officers knocked on the door and woke him from a nap. The police report indicated that Watson “smelled of alcohol.”

Watson admitted that he left the girl in the desert, but said he returned 15 minutes later and couldn’t find her. The suspect said he’d taken his daughter for car rides in the past to calm her down and that he had no intentions of leaving her out there for long. He said he had to drag his daughter across his lap and push her out of the driver’s side door to get her out of the truck.

The Department of Child Safety took custody of the little girl and her 9-year-old brother.

Watson was arrested and charged with one felony count of domestic child abuse.

[Feature Photo: Mohave County Sheriff’s Office]