Kim Goldman’s ex accuses her of dressing their son like her ‘scumbag brother who got what he deserved’: Court docs

Murder victim Ron Goldman’s sister has requested an order of protection against her ex-husband

The sister of murder victim Ron Goldman says her ex-husband has threatened her and has asked for a protective order.

TMZ reports that Kim Goldman, the younger sister of the man murdered with Nicole Brown Simpson in June 1994, has asked for a court order to keep her ex-husband, Michael Hahn, 100 feet away from her. She is also asking that he be required to take anger management classes.

According to court records obtained by TMZ, Goldman has accused her husband of being emotionally and verbally abusive, and says he has never played a significant role in their son’s life. Samuel Ronald Hahn is 13 years old, and his parents divorced in 2007.

The court filing cites abusive text messages Goldman said her ex-husband sent her recently. One, reportedly sent last week, reads:

“You dress my son like your dead brother, changed his name to Ron Goldman. Your f***ed up and need help. F*** all of you.”

Another text was even more menacing:

“Your [sic] not a victim. Your [sic] a piece of shit that will burn in hell next to your scum bag brother who got what he deserved.”

Goldman is an author, speaker and victim’s advocate. Her most recent book, Media Circus, was published in 2015. It chronicles the time her family was grieving Ron Goldman’s death while in the public eye during O.J. Simpson’s notorious murder trial, at which he was acquitted of killing Brown and Goldman.

Kim and her father, Fred Goldman, appeared on Good Morning America last week, after a parole board granted Simpson an early release, nine years into a 30-year sentence for armed robbery.

“It was shocking,” Kim said of the hearing and the decision, while pointing out that her family has lived their lives with Simpson a free man for years before his robbery arrest.

“We’re going to go back to doing what we’ve done,” Kim said on GMA.

“We’re going to continue doing those things and take it one day at a time and if he chooses to write a book, or do a reality show, we’ll be there,” she said, referring to the settlement money Simpson owes the family, stemming from a civil lawsuit that found him liable for Goldman’s murder.


Correction: An earlier version of this story mistakenly stated the year of the murders as 2014. Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were killed in 1994. 

Feature photo: Associated Press