Police officer forces woman to perform oral sex at precinct, sends unsolicited text messages offering to ‘return the favor’: Feds

“This is disgusting. This is rape,” the Suffolk County police commissioner said

A police officer in Long Island, New York, has been arrested on charges that he forced a woman he arrested to perform oral sex in the precinct’s juvenile room.

According to Pix 11, Christopher McCoy, 38, has been suspended from the force and is facing federal charges of depriving an arrestee the right to bodily integrity.

The name and age of the victim are not known.

The arrest reportedly took place in March 2016, when Officer McCoy took the female into custody on multiple warrants relating to vehicular offenses. Her attorney reportedly said that when she was taken to the First Precinct in Wyandanch, she was searched in a way that “involved the grabbing of her chest area.”

Prosecutors also said that when the woman was with Officer McCoy during the processing, he forced her to perform oral sex on him.

The U.S. District Attorney told Pix 11 that the woman reported the assault after her release. Prosecutors said the suspended officer contacted her again, sending her unsolicited text messages, including one that read,

“I have to return the favor.”

“This is disgusting. This is rape,” Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Sini told NBC News. 

McCoy has pleaded not guilty to the charges, but Pix 11 obtained a recently unsealed court complaint in which he did admit to engaging in oral sex with the woman.

The suspended officer’s attorney addressed reporters outside a courtroom on Thursday.

“It would be inappropriate for us to comment now regarding the reliability of this complaint, or the $40 million lawsuit that has been filed so quickly,” he said. “However, we will have much to say about this in court as the case unfolds.”

According to NBC News, McCoy is a married father of three. He was required to give up his firearm and cannot leave the state of New York.


Feature photo: FBI