Teen boy brutally murders mother with hammer, knife — and texts photos of her corpse to a friend before drinking bleach

The suspect texted his friend to say that his life was over

A Maryland teen is in custody after confessing to murdering his mother.

According to CBS Baltimore, police found Donna Zaragoza, 56, dead in her Bel Air, Maryland, home on Thursday.

The victim’s 16-year-old son, Andrew, was also at the home, and locked himself in a separate room as authorities examined the scene.

“Negotiations for that person to show themselves commenced and deputies were able to talk that person out of the bedroom and it was found that he also resided at the residence and he was the deceased victim’s son,” Major Jack Simpson of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office told ABC News.

While still in the house, Andrew Zaragoza reportedly admitted to investigators that he killed his mother:

“My mom was taking pills this morning, she hit me and I killed her,” the suspect told police, according to charging documents obtained by ABC News.

When Andrew emerged from the bedroom, he had cuts on his face and neck. But investigators later determined those wounds were self-inflicted.

Donna Zaragoza reportedly suffered major trauma from a hammer found bloodied next to her bed. She also had stab wounds on her chest and back.

Investigators found a bloodied knife hidden behind a door in Andrew’s bedroom.

The suspect reportedly told police he drank bleach before he arrived in an attempt to take his own life.

And about an hour before police arrived, Andrew texted a photo of his mother’s dead body to a friend, saying his life was over now.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the suspect’s public defender told a judge that his client had suffered mental, emotional and physical abuse at home, where drug abuse was common. The suspect’s father and uncle reportedly died of drug overdoses last year.

Andrew Zaragoza is currently behind held without bail on multiple charges.


Feature photo: Harford County Sheriff