Police: ‘Mom’ throws newborn baby who died from meth overdose into dumpster

An Oklahoma mother is behind bars after police say she killed her own child and left him rotting in a dumpster.

NewsOK reports that Katherine Green allegedly dumped her newborn baby boy into a trash can at her Enid mobile home after the infant died from a methamphetamine overdose. Authorities found the boy on April 9th, wrapped in a blanket, stuffed into a trunk, and thrown into the trash. A week later an autopsy revealed that the infant died of meth toxicity. His death was ruled a homicide.

According to the arrest affidavit, another resident of the trailer home where Green lived said that Green asked him to throw the trunk away. He said she even told him there was a newborn baby inside but he thought she was joking.

Authorities conducted a search of Green’s home where three other young children lived shortly after discovering the deceased infant.

“[Investigators uncovered] clothing and trash strewn throughout the house, extension cords lying about, dirty dishes and the smell of decayed food in the kitchen, a knife, a bottle of alcohol, and prescription medication easily accessible to the children, soiled mattresses lying on the floor without bedding, and an open electrical outlet nearly touching the mattress in one of the children’s rooms,” Capt. Tim Jacobi said.

Detectives found Green in possession of methamphetamine while they interviewed her. She apparently tried to hide the drugs in her “body cavities.”

Authorities arrested Green for drug possession and placed her in the Garfield County jail on a $100,000 bond while medical experts tested the infant’s DNA. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation announced that the baby’s DNA matched Green. Subsequently, she was also charged with murder.

Green underwent a mental competency hearing and spent a brief amount of time at a state mental health facility, but a judge ultimately found her competent to stand trial.

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[Feature Photo: Garfield County Sheriff’s Office]