Man rides train naked, claims he lives in a ‘video game world’

A “computer-obsessed” man in China rode on a commuter train at the Tsim Sha Tsui station for six stops on Wednesday, while naked, before authorities covered him up and removed him.

Mirror reports that the incident happened on an underground MTR commuter train in Hong Kong. An unknown man stepped onto the train with nothing but a pair of shoes on and chatted on his phone as if nothing was amiss. Other riders on the train said that he appeared confident and “normal” while others stared at him.

When confronted, the man said that he lived in a “video game world” before returning to a phone call. When officials got word of the situation, MTR employees at Tsim Sha Tsui followed the man until authorities arrived and gave him an aqua-green towel before arresting him.

“I’ll get off at Hang Hau station … will you let me take a ride?” the man asked MTR employees.

It’s still unclear what police charged the suspect with, but authorities said he could possibly be mentally ill. He was taken to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan for a mental evaluation, South China Morning Star reports.

Meanwhile, China recently created “women-only” train rides after incidents of sexual assault skyrocketed. An overwhelming 80% of the people in China feel like sexual assault on public transit is a major issue.

[Feature Photo: Screenshot]