Family fears the worst for missing singer last seen walking on bridge

“What the f** else would she be doing up there?” Lael Summer Feldman had attempted suicide in the past, and her mother says police aren’t taking that possibility seriously enough now

A New York City-based jazz singer has been missing for nearly a week, and her family fears she may have taken her own life.

The New York Post reports that Lael Feldman, 24, who performs under the name Lael Summer, is feared dead by suicide after a jogger found her wallet, shoes, phone and purse were found on the George Washington Bridge. A woman was reportedly caught on surveillance camera footge walking back and forth on the bridge on Wednesday night.

Although no body has been found and no one has come forward to say the young woman jumped, Laurel’s mother told the New York Post that her daughter had long struggled with depression and had attempted suicide in the past.

“As soon as I heard George Washington Bridge I knew it,” the missing woman’s mother, Marla Mase, said. “What the f–k else would she be doing up there.”

Mase expressed frustration that police do not appear to be looking for Lael’s body.

“They have not looked in the water,” she said. “I don’t want to see her walking on the bridge, but nobody has shown us the footage to make sure it was her. [Her] dad went to the local precinct yesterday to talk to them, and he came back very upset. Somebody said to him, ‘Well you’ll find her when she washes up on shore.’”

Mase also posted a message on Facebook calling for more media attention to her daughter’s case.

According to Lael Summer’s website, she performed at the well-known New York City club the Blue Note and released an album, Burden to Bear, in 2014.

“She’s a beautiful singer,” Mase said. “Most beautiful voice ever. She’s just really struggling with depression.”


Feature photo: Facebook