Noura Jackson case is ‘Stranger to the Truth’: Convicted of killing her mom, but freed from prison because of prosecutor’s mistakes

Noura Jackson was 18 when her mother was fatally stabbed 50 times in her Memphis home in June 2005. She was 30 when she walked out of a Tennessee prison in August 2016, a year after the state Supreme Court overturned her second-degree murder conviction.

The Tennessee justices ruled that the prosecutor violated Jackson’s constitutional right to remain silent by questioning why Jackson did not testify in her own defense during closing arguments in the 2009 trial.

“Just tell us where you were,” then-Shelby County Assistant District Attorney Amy Weirich said to jurors. “That’s all we’re asking, Noura.”

The verdict was also tainted because Weirich did not share with the defense a statement from a key witness saying he was high on drugs when he claimed to have received an incriminating phone call from Jackson, the high court said.

Jackson avoided a retrial with a plea deal on a lesser charge in 2015 that allowed her to be freed the next year.

Lisa Hickman’s book,”Stranger to the Truth” explores Jackson’s sensational case. Hickman is our guest for this episode of “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.”

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