Police tape

Accused sex roleplay killer whose victim accidentally recorded his own murder killed again while on the run with stolen credit card

The suspect accused of torturing and murdering a computer repairman allegedly killed again after using his victim’s credit card to fly to Rome.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Jason Marshall is accused of murdering Peter Fasoli in his London home in 2013 after meeting him on a dating website. The suspect, who is now in court on murder charges, allegedly showed up to the computer repairman’s home pretending to be a policeman, and engaged in some dark roleplay before forcing his victim to hand over credit card and ATM information. Marshall then allegedly smothered him in plastic, and set Fasoli’s home on fire in order to cover up the murder.

The six-hour ordeal was captured on the victim’s laptop computer, but for two years investigators and his family believed Fasoli had died in an accidental house fire. A nephew discovered the recording two years after his uncle died while he was searching for family tree information on his computer.

The Guardian reports that a jury at the Old Bailey, a criminal court in England, heard that Marshall was convicted of a second murder and an attempted murder after he fled the country, paying for a flight to Rome with Fasoli’s credit card.

Prosecutors reportedly said that in late January, less than three weeks after Fasoli’s murder, Marshall stabbed Vincenzo Iale to death at his home in Torvajanica¬†¬†meeting him on Badoo, the same dating website where he met Fasoli. A few weeks later, he attempted another murder,¬†Umberto Gismondi, after once again arranging a meeting via Badoo.

In that instance, Marshall reportedly pretended to be an embassy worker and bound and gagged Gismondi while spraying him with pepper spray and demanding money. Gismondi reportedly alerted his neighbors to the attack somehow, and Marshall fled.

Marshall was found guilty of both the murder and the attempted murder. He has denied killing Fasoli.