Police: Woman shaves little boy’s head, writes ‘pervert’ on his forehead in ‘retaliation’

A Missouri woman may face charges after she reportedly took it upon herself to dole out retaliation against a neighbor’s child in a way that “police have never seen.”

KMOV reports that an unidentified woman at the Legend Terrace Apartment Complex in Eureka wrote the word “pervert” on a 9-year-old boy’s forehead and shaved his hair after the child pulled the hair of one his sister’s friends during a sleepover.

According to the boy, he went into his sister’s bedroom and playfully pulled a neighbor girl’s hair; the girl was spending the night with the boy’s sister when the incident happened. When the little girl sat up, he “accidentally hit her in the chest,” at least according to the boy. When the little girl returned home, she told her mother what happened.

The following day, the boy knocked on the neighbor girl’s door, looking for his sister, when the victim’s mother reportedly pulled him inside and shaved his head.

“The day the 9-year-old boy went to the neighbor’s house looking for his sister and the mother of the young girl who was upset with the young boy pulled him into the apartment, shaved his head,” says Lt. Dave Wilson.

She also wrote the word “pervert” across his forehead before sending him on his way. According to Wilson, the woman admitted her actions and expressed regret.

“She certainly admitted to the accusations and obviously regrets her decision,” says Wilson.

Although the suspect wasn’t arrested, the case is now headed to the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office. The suspect could possibly face assault charges on a minor.

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