Friday Crime Stories: Hot car death blamed on parents, doctor killed by patient’s wife & another ‘Killer Clown’ victim identified

The parents of a Tennessee toddler who died after being left behind in a locked car overnight are facing first degree murder charges. Forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan and Blaze news anchor Robyn Walensky discuss the case with Nancy Grace on this “Crime Stories” episode.

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An Indiana man allegedly shot his wife’s doctor dead after the physician refused to give her a pain pill prescription for her complaints of chronic pain. Morgan, Walensky and Grace look at the circumstances of this case, questioning if this killing is another symptom of the nation’s opioid epidemic.

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A teenager who disappeared 40 years ago has now been identified as a victim of “Killer Clown” John Wayne Gacy. Jimmy Haakerson’s remains were among the dozens found stacked in Gacy’s Chicago basement in 1976. Relatives of the boy,  who ran away from his Minnesota home in 1976, gave DNA that was used to finally confirm his identity. Grace leads Morgan and Walensky in a discussion of the Gacy case in this episode.

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