Sadistic dating app killer whose victim recorded his own murder claims to have no memory of violent attack

A convicted murderer accused of killing a man whose 2013 death was initially thought to have been from an accidental fire has said he has no recollection of the hours of sadistic torture captured on video.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Jason Marshall is on trial for the murder of Peter Fasoli, a computer repairman the suspect met via an online dating app. According to all available information, the two men arranged for a meeting that appears to have involved sexual roleplay, and Marshall arrived at Fasoli’s home in January 2013 dressed as a police officer.

What might have initially appeared as a consensual roleplay situation become violent and homicidal when Marshall allegedly demanded that Fasoli hand over his credit card and ATM pin number. The money he would steal, as Fasoli was suffocating under plastic wrap while his laptop computer camera was recording his suffering and pleas for mercy, would fund a trip to Rome where Marshall killed one man and attempted to murder another.

It was two years later that investigators took a second look at Fasoli’s death, after Fasoli’s nephew made the horrifying discovery of a video on his uncle’s fire-damaged laptop computer. The video reportedly showed the suspect threatening the victim before he drugged him, restrained him, gagged him,  and covered his face in plastic wrap, suffocating him.

Marshall is then seen calmly lighting a cigarette, and he recites a Latin blessing for the departed. Investigators believe he set the house on fire with a cigarette lighter.

The suspect had denied murdering Fasoli, but the Guardian reports that after he viewed the video footage in court, he conceded that it must have been him.

“Seeing the footage, I feel bad that somebody died and it could potentially be me. If somebody died at my hands it’s difficult to deal with mentally,” Marshall reportedly said.

After he allegedly killed Fasoli, Marshall bought a ticket to Rome with his credit card, and murdered another man while attempting to kill another. The suspect met all three of the victims on the dating app Badoo.

Marshall was convicted of murder and attempted murder in Italy in 2014.


Feature photo: Handout/Jason Marshall