Exploding whipped cream ends with $1MILLION plus payday for mom

A mother making mousse for her family was disfigured and permanently disabled when the whipped cream canister she was using exploded, ripping off part of her face and cracking her skull.

The Telegraph reports that a French court awarded a million-plus settlement to Emile Lada, whose accident took place in 2013. The 30-year-old mother of two was preparing mousse for in her kitchen when the whipped cream canister exploded and plastic top hit her in the face at a high speed.

Lada’s husband and children witnessed the accident, which caused life-threatening injuries. In addition to the $1.3 million (equivalent) dollars awarded Lada, her family members were awarded $11, 794, or 10, 000 Euros. A medical team was able to successfully reconstruct her face after the accident tore off part of it, but she suffered multiple physical and cognitive impairments.

“Part of her face was torn off in the explosion, but the surgeons’ work was amazing and the visible damage is minimal now,” Lada’s attorney Emilie Petitgirard reportedly said in court.

But the lawyer also said that Lada’s injuries have had a severe impact on her quality of life.

“There are serious consequences from the head trauma. She is a young woman who can no longer work, she suffers from memory loss, and has no sense of smell or taste,” Petitgirard said.

Lada’s settlement award comes two months after a French fitness model and popular social media figure, Rebecca Burger (featured above and below) died after whipped cream canister made by the same manufacturer, Ard’time, exploded and a part hit her in the chest, leading to a heart attack. The product had been recalled in March 2013.

Only the insurance provider and the importer, not Ard’time, were required to pay Lada’s settlement. The court determined that a supermarket chain carrying the product was not responsible.



Feature photo: Facebook/Rebecca Burger