Members of secret Facebook group claim autism is caused by parasites, force ‘bleach enemas’ on their children

A mother of an autistic boy is under investigation after she allegedly gave her son ‘bleach’ enemas in an attempt to ‘cure’ him of autism.

According to the Sun, the mother is a member of a Facebook group that promotes a belief that autism is caused by parasites, and that treating autistic children with powerful chemicals can kill those parasites and thus reduce the effects of the condition.

The Facebook group reportedly charges $78 for membership and instructs its members to give their autistic children an enema made from chlorine dioxide, a chlorine compound most commonly used as bleach and for treating water. The group refers to the treatment as MMS (Master Miracle Solution) or Chlorine Dioxide (CD).

The Sun reports that an activist by the name of Emma Dalmayne infiltrated the group, and discovered posts from the British mother, who has not been identified, discussing giving her son “25 drops a day” and noticing that he was very lethargic.

Dalmayne also posted numerous screenshots of message from other member of the group on her Facebook page, including one post from a person who appears to be a moderator warning members to use a high level of discretion about their own identities and the topics discussed in the group.

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

It is unclear if the mother will be facing any criminal charges.

“This is an ongoing incident and we are investigating whether any criminal offenses have taken place,” a Cheshire police spokesperson told the Sun.

The FSA — the UK equivalent to the FDA — issued a warning statement about administering these types of treatments.

“MMS contains sodium chlorite which is commonly used as bleach and can be harmful. If ingested, it can cause serious damage to health,” the statement reads.

“The product should not be on the market or even available for free.”