Angry wife pours gasoline on husband, sets him on fire because he spoke to another woman: Police

A Kentucky woman is behind bars after she allegedly set her husband on fire after catching him talking to another woman.

Fox News reports that Vera Wooten, 40, was charged with first-degree assault after she allegedly attacked her husband, John Wooten, in a jealous rage.

Vera reportedly drove her husband to the hospital, where he was airlifted to Cincinnati for burn treatment, as the purported attack left him with burns covering 50 percent of his body.

“He is burned from his knees to his neck,” Laurel County Deputy Gilbert told the News Journal.

Police also told the News Journal that the suspect initially blamed her husband’s injuries on an accident.

“The gist of the information that she gave to deputies was that it was an accident,”  Acciardo told the newspaper.

Witnesses have a different story. Neighbors told the News Journal that Vera become enraged when she saw her husband talking to a neighborhood woman in a car. They say she allegedly beat him before pouring gasoline on him and setting him on fire.

The suspect is now in custody at the Laurel County Detention Center.


Feature photo: Laurel County Sheriff