BOMBSHELL Lawsuit: Plaza Hotel employees claim they were harassed, cornered in closet, forcibly kissed and groped by manager and co-workers

One woman says that after a manager forced himself on her THREE TIMES in one day he started crying and said, “I don’t understand why you don’t want me”

One of the most famous hotels in the world is being sued by current and former employees who say they were subjected to ongoing harassment.

TMZ reports that six female employees, three current and three former, have filed a lawsuit against the fame luxury hotel claiming they were forced to endure rape culture. The suit describes multiple instances in which the women were kissed, groped, and were forced to listen to sexually aggressive comments, like, “I know you had sex last night.”

One woman claims her manager follower her into a closet, cornered her, and began forcibly kissing her three times in one day. When she continued to refuse his advances, he started crying and said, “I don’t understand why you don’t want me.”

Another plaintiff claims a male employee showed her photos of his penis, unsolicited, and another male employee commented, “If you know you’re dressing like that with guys around, you can’t expect a man not to react. I’m a human being what am I supposed to do?”

In yet another instance, a male co-worker made sexual overtures with a cucumber.

TMZ reports that the women are suing the Plaza Hotel for unspecified damages.