‘Monster’ livestreams brutal torture of neighbor’s cat [VIDEO]

A Staten Island man is in custody after he streamed a video of himself torturing and beating his neighbor’s cat on Facebook, before allegedly tossing it into the trash to die.

The Daily News reports that Tyrike Richardson, 21, was indicted for aggravated animal cruelty after he shared a video of himself beating the cat, Chester, on Facebook Live. The judge also approved an order of protection for Richardson’s neighbor and Chester’s owner.

The disturbing video shows Richardson tossing the cat, threatening it with a knife, and violently stabbing it with the end of the broom handle, twisting the handle into the cat’s side even as the animal appears to be unconscious and barely alive. [WARNING: The video is included at the end of this story, and may be very upsetting.]

Miraculously, Chester did somehow survive, and is current recuperating at an ASPCA facility. A doctor there told the Daily News that Chester suffered severe injuries to his lungs, kidneys, ribs and chest cavities.

“[Richardson] is a monster. A living, walking monster,” Gail Rocco of the Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare told the Daily News. “I’ll never get used to something like this, that people can think of doing something like this to a defenseless animal. I don’t fathom it.”

Richardson’s lawyers have asked that his bail be reduced from $50,000, claiming it is excessive considering that the cat survived and that Richardson is a contributing member of society.

“I ask the public not to rush to judge given (the video’s) portrayal in the news and media,” attorney Gillian Kress reportedly said in court on Wednesday.  “There’s a lot more to the video than the snippets that have been shown in the news.”

WARNING: Below is the video obtained by Daily Mail, which some viewers may find highly upsetting.


Feature photo: Daily Mail video screenshot