WATCH: Backup dancers tackle unhinged Britney Spears fan as he rushes stage at Vegas show

A dangerously aggressive fan at a Britney Spears show in Vegas rushed the stage after being asked to leave the concert.

TMZ reports that Jess Webb, 37, was arrested for trespassing after he jumped onstage as Spears was performing her “Piece of Me Show” at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

TMZ obtained video of the alarming scene, which shows the pop star’s security team, aided by several shirtless dancers, tackling the suspect before he could approach Spears, who notices the commotion after she finishes performing “Til the World Ends.”

Spears can be heard asking a security guard, “He’s got a gun?”, but an updated TMZ report says that Webb was not armed.

He reportedly became disruptive during the performance, and a security guard asked him to leave. Webb responded by jumping on stage, but he was swiftly tackled by the bodyguards and the dancers.

TMZ reports that Webb either kneed or kicked one of the security guards, but it does not appear that anyone was seriously injured.


Feature photo: Associated Press