Chilling video: Officer shot several times and miraculously survives; video leads to arrest

***WARNING*** Graphic Video

-Hampton County, South Carolina, police officer, Quincy Smith, spent $30 to buy his own security eyepiece camera.
-“Take your hands out of your pocket! If you don’t stop I’m gonna tase you,” the officer screams at a man accused of harassing people at a convenience store.
-Malcolm Antwan Orr, the suspect, shot Officer Smith several times, severing a vein in his neck and shattering bones.
-Smith falls to the ground, and with blood gushing from his neck, he manages to call for backup.
-Later, Smith is heard asking another officer to tell his family he loves them.
-Smith survives the incident.
-His $30 eyepiece security camera helps convict Orr.
-Smith later said it was the best $30 he’s ever spent.