Chilling video shows two murderers attempting to dispose of decomposing body in a WHEELIE BIN

Two British men are behind bars after a chilling video showed them wheeling a dead body in a wheelie bin while trying to dispose of him. The victim, identified as James Woodhouse, 30, was killed in Exeter in 2016 over a reported drug-related debt. His body was discovered 10 days after his murder, in November 2016, after the suspects beat him to death and wrapped him in a bed sheet with duct tape around it.

The suspects, Brett Edwards, 38, and Thomas Killen, 33, both deny the killing and are now blaming each other. Judge Sir John Royce, who presided over the case, didn’t buy it. He made it clear that he knew the two acted together in the heinous crime.

“The two of you [Edwards and Killen] carried out a vicious assault against this poor defenceless man who stood no chance. You left this man unconscious and dying and calmly locked him in the flat and left. Neither of you appeared to care a jot that his body was decomposing.

“I am satisfied he was lured to the flat by you Edwards, which has been plotted by you Killen. James Woodhouse has been tricked. You two went there knowing a severe beating was to be delivered.”

Both men received life sentences with minimum of 17 years in prison before parole.

[Feature Photo: Handout]