Single mothers beware! Diary entry reveals 7-year-old girl may have been another victim of serial rapist suspect who preys on mothers with young daughters

The girl told police that her mother’s boyfriend raped her for three years while her mother was at work

A Florida man is facing sexual assault charges after he allegedly raped a pre-teen girl over the course of three years while her mother worked.

The New York Post reports thatĀ Jackson Pridemore is in custody on suspicion the raped the now-13-year-old daughter of his live-in girlfriend while his girlfriend was at work.

Boynton Beach police told the newspaper that the allegations surfaced after the girl’s mother found a diary in May. The girl reportedly wrote about the alleged rape that took place while Pridemore, 49, was living at their home.

According to the Miami Herald, one diary entry was directed to Pridemore.

“You raped me for about three years,” it reportedly read. The rape allegedly began when the girl was 7 years old.

The girl’s mother reported the allegations to police, and he was arrested on Thursday. Police told the Miami Herald that he was living with another single mother when he was arrested.

It is not Pridemore’s first accusation of sexual assault of a minor. The Miami Herald reports that he has been accused twice before of sexually assaulting girls while he was living with their mothers.

It is unclear at this time what came of the previous allegations, but police reportedly suspect there are more victims.

Anyone with information is asked to call Boynton Beach Police at 561-732-8116.


Feature photo: Boynton Beach Police