FOUND! Missing 25-year-old Lisa Theris found alive after living off berries for month in woods

An Alabama woman endured weeks of living in the woods in Bullock County until a passerby spotted her. Authorities say her story is truly a miracle.

MS News Now reports that Lisa Theris, 25, of Louisville, disappeared almost a month ago after she was hanging out with two men who reportedly burglarized a hunting lodge. Theris had no idea the two men planned on breaking into the lodge, and she left the scene, wanting no part of it. According to Sheriff Raymond Rodgers, Theris fled from the men but she was unfamiliar with the area and ended up lost.

“She’s not familiar with this area and apparently on the night she ran, she went into the woods at night and got lost. I just thank God that she’s alive.”

Theris had no shoes, phone, or shelter for close to a month, but she was determined to see her family again, and survived on a combination of berries, mushrooms, and water she found in a brook. She was surrounded by acres of dense woods with no nearby roads.

On Saturday afternoon, a passerby on Highway 82 in Bullock County, near Midway and Eufaula, spotted Theris after she somehow found her way to the side of a road.

“A motorist from Florida was driving 82 east of Midway and saw something moving in the bushes. She went back and there was the young lady in the wooded area. She called us and told us she had located the missing person,” Sheriff Rogers said. “Finally the young lady has been found and she’s alive. Thank God.”

Authorities rushed Theris to a local emergency room. Her family greeted her there, relieved to see her alive, albeit sunburned from surviving weeks in the sun without shelter. She also had numerous cuts, scratches, and bug bites, according to Rogers.

[Photo: Handout]

“The bugs had really been on her and she had a lot of scratch marks. We didn’t ask her too many questions. We want to make sure her health is good so we got her on to the hospital. We did not interrogate her at that time.”

Meanwhile, the two suspects who reportedly broke into the hunting cabin were captured. Manley Davis and Randall Oswald were arrested for the burglary and questioned, but authorities said the pair hasn’t offered much information.

Manley Davis, 31, (right) and Randall Oswald, 36, (left). [Feature Photo: Troy PD]
Lisa Theris returned home on Monday, but for now, she’s declining media interviews. Sgt. Chad Faulkner, lead investigator on the case, said they are still gathering details regarding the home burglary and the investigation is still ongoing, but the most important issue for Theris is her health.

“We don’t have the total details on everything yet. We wanted to make sure her health was in the best shape and in the days to come, we’ll get some answers,. She’s alive and that’s all that matters at this moment. We can confirm she was in the area, but as far as that goes, we can’t confirm anything else right now.”

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