Police: Woman snorts cocaine off of iPhone screen while waiting in parent pickup line at middle school

A woman was arrested outside of a Fort Myers, Florida, middle school on Tuesday after a sheriff’s deputy spotted her allegedly chopping up cocaine on her iPhone and snorting it while sitting in her car.

FOX reports that the incident happened in the school pickup line at Lexington Middle School, during afternoon pickup time, a little before 4 p.m. According to the deputy, a woman identified as 39-year-old Christina Hester was spotted chopping up white powder with a credit card on her iPhone screen. The deputy reported that after the woman chopped up the white powder, he saw her put a straw her nose and snort it.

The deputy asked Hester to park, then took her into his office until school dismissal was over. He performed a field test designed for those who police suspect are under the influence of cocaine, and he checked her pulse. After showing signs of cocaine use, the deputy found a bag of cocaine weighing .5 grams in her purse. She was placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cocaine.

Some of the parents at the school who learned of the arrest said they were “disgusted” by Hester’s alleged behavior. A few of the students at the school also heard about the incident and shared their thoughts with local Florida reporters.

“It’s crazy. People come to school to learn and not to see people doing drugs in their cars. Like, why would anyone do that? Especially when there’s kids of all ages here,” 13-year-old Sara Millican told FOX4.

“That’s crazy. That’s just so irresponsible and they shouldn’t be doing that,” Spencer Yeager, 12, said. “Say how it’s bad and how you can get addicted by doing other little drugs

The children reported they were taught about the dangers of drugs by teachers at their school.

It’s still unclear whether Hester has a child who attends the school. Requests for comments by local reporters have so far been unanswered by Hester.

[Feature Photo: Lee County Sheriff’s Office]