Police: Man beats elderly woman, 94, sets her house on fire when he learns he won’t inherit it

Police say a Florida caregiver beat an elderly woman severely on Thursday and tried to set her house on fire all over an argument a will.

New York Daily News reports that Roman Dusk, 65, became infuriated when the elderly lady informed him she planned to leave her home to someone else when she passed away. He allegedly threw her to the ground and began stomping on her chest in a rage. After, he reportedly set a plant in her house on fire, at the 200 block of Slade Drive, near Longwood.

Deputies arrived to the home and found the victim bloody and “completely bruised purple from elbow to wrist,” according to the police report. The victim was taken to the hospital and despite a horrific beating, is expected to survive.

The victim later told authorities that she allowed Dusk to move in with her because he “had nowhere else to go.” She said she had known him since he was a child and had “raised him like a son.”

“You are 94 years old, and people shouldn’t live that long. I’m here to kill you,” a reported drunk Dusk allegedly said before attacking the victim.

The elderly woman told police that she told the suspect he was killing her, but instead of backing off, he told her he was going to set her house on fire. He then reportedly lit an indoor plant on fire and the flames spread to a surrounding interior wall. The victim, scared for her life, promised Dusk she’d leave the house to him. She somehow convinced him she was being sincere, and he put the flames out.

Dusk left the home and left the victim lying in pain, struggling to breathe. She managed to call 911 after lying alone for a few hours.

The suspect is charged with arson and attempted murder. He’s behind bars at the Seminole County Jail without bond.

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[Feature Photo: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office]