Little girl finds dead body of boy in school uniform on residential property, tells police she thought he was sleeping and tried to wake him up

A girl walking home from school in Alabama came across a horrifying discovery: A young boy found dead at a residential property in Mobile.

WPMI reports that a little girl discovered the body near the driveway at about 3 p.m. on Monday. She was reportedly walking with a group of girls from the school bus when they stumbled across the young boy, who is believed to be five or six years old. She told a family member who then contacted authorities.

The girl told police she thought the boy was sleeping and that she tried to wake him up.

“It’s looks like a 6-year-old boy who had on a uniform but nobody knows who it is,” a witness told the news station.

The boy appeared to be wearing a school uniform.

Police are still seeking to identify the boy and have released very little information about the investigation.

“If parents have children who have not made it home from school they need to reach out to us,” Mobile Police Chief “Particularly if they live in this area or their child would have come home in this general vicinity.”

The owner of the property on Demetropolis Road where the boy was found said he saw nothing when he left home at 10:30 for a dialysis appointment.

“I didn’t see anything when I left home,” James Lockhart told Fox 10 News.“When I got out of dialysis, my aunt called and told me what was going on. I returned home to chaos; it was absolute chaos.¬†I had to come around the back because the front was blocked.”

Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich asked for patience from concerned local residents.

“We all have to stay calm and let the police department do their job. This is a very, very fresh investigation and it’s very early,” Rich told reporters on Monday. “Go home and hug your children extra tight tonight and if your child is not where they’re supposed to be please let the Mobile Police Department know.”


Feature photo: Fox 10 News video screenshot