Tuesday Crime Stories: Baby’s ashes confused with pet & moms charged with infant abuse

A Pennsylvania mom was shocked when she realized the bag of ashes she was given after her infant daughter’s death two years ago were the cremated remains of a dog. A funeral home director takes the blame for mixing up two packages from the crematory, giving Jennifer Dailey the pet’s remains rather than her child’s cremains. Nancy Grace talks with attorney Wendy Russell Wiener, an expert in regulatory law regarding death care, about how this could happen and what a family can do about it in this “Crime Stories” episode.

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A teenager charged with killing her newborn baby and then burning the infant in her family’s backyard barbecue pit is out on bond while she waits for her murder trial set for November. Brooke Skylar Richardson, 18, of Lebanon, Ohio, entered a not guilty plea in a court hearing this month. Investigative reporter Art Harris, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan and psychologist Caryn Stark discuss this shocking crime with Nancy in the second segment of this podcast.

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The DailyMail.com‘s Sean Walsh and psychologist, Dr. Bethany Marshall, join Nancy to talk about an Iowa woman who tried to flush new newborn son down a hospital toilet before abandoning him in a hospital trash can. Heather Hautzenrader, 24, avoided an attempted murder charge with a plea deal in which she pleaded guilty to a charge of abandoning a dependent person.

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