Eviction Gone Wrong: Landlord allegedly breaks into rental home, kills tenant

A Florida man is behind bars on murder charges after he allegedly shot a tenant during an altercation over eviction proceedings.

Miami Herald reports that Ryan Wilder, 32, of Winter Springs, served Kenneth Palicki, 47, eviction papers on August 18 at around 1:30 p.m. Palicki lived with his girlfriend, Colleen Lyons, 25, at 162 North Indies Drive in Duck Key. While serving the eviction papers, Wilder allegedly demanded that the couple leave the home by August 23.

Later in the evening on August 18, Wilder went back to the home, entered it illegally, reportedly began taking the couple’s items. Palicki and Lyons returned to the rental home and caught Wilder in the act. Palicki dialed 911 but while still on the phone, Wilder reportedly pulled out a gun from a holster on his hip and shot him four times, according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office detectives.

A landlord allegedly shot a tenant inside this Duck Key home. [Photo: Google Maps/March 2011]
Wilder fled the scene in a Ford F350 pickup, while Lyons called authorities and gave a description of the vehicle. Police officers spotted Ryan a short distance away from the crime scene, and pulled him over and detained him.

According to the Sheriff’s Office arrest affidavit, Palicki was shot in his upper thigh, back, neck, and forearm. An EMT rushed him to the Fishermen’s Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Prior to being pulled over, Wilder reportedly told his girlfriend, Amber Gray, who was with him the truck, that he shot Wilder in self-defense.

Wilder remains behind bars at the Monroe County jail without bond.

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[Feature Photo: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office]