WARNING: Dad says predator is seeking naked photos of young kids on popular music app

An Illinois father is warning parents about a child predator asking for nude photos of young kids on a popular music sharing app.

Brad Frakes said his 7-year-old daughter was using the Musical.ly app when someone messaged her and asked her to share photos of herself without her clothes on, reports CBS46.

The person messaging claimed to be 9 years old and encouraged Frakes’ daughter to “Make some pics without t-shirt.”

Fortunately, Frakes and his wife had talked to their daughter about what to do if a situation like this came up.

To our FB friends; Today we went through something that I feel needs to be shared. Our daughter has an app that she…

Posted by Brad Summer on Friday, August 11, 2017


“We taught her that if anyone asked her to show herself in ways that she was uncomfortable with, the she comes to us and let us know, and that’s exactly what she did,” Frakes told CBS46.

Frakes’ daughter told the person  she would not take a photo of herself without her shirt on and “Jessy” urged her to do it and “don’t tell anyone” saying, “It’s secret between us only.”

Frakes posted the exchange between his daughter and the person calling themselves “Jessy” on his Facebook page as a warning to others about the dangers of private messaging. It has been shared over 84,000 times.

The app was on Frakes’ wife’s phone, and his daughter used it to make music videos online with her cousins in Wisconsin.

“They make goofy little videos with goofy faces,” Frakes said. “It was just a very fun app before this happened.”

Frakes contacted the Batavia Police Department who have been able to identify the IP address, according to a recent update on Frakes’ Facebook page. “The detective has found the IP address of this person and has submitted a supeona(sic) to this app to freeze all records pertaining to this person (s).”

In his Facebook message, Frakes urged parents to tell their children to tell an adult if they’re targeted.

“Please, tell your kids to let you know if anyone ever asks them something like this, let them know it’s okay to tell you. It has helped us in this situation.”

[Feature Photo: Facebook]