Teens girls set dog on fire, post video on Snapchat: Police

WARNING: Disturbing video

A pair of North Carolina teens are facing possible charges after they allegedly shared a Snapchat video showing one of them setting a dog on fire.

The New York Post reports that the teenage girls, who have not been identified, are under investigation due to the video, which shows a teen on what appears to be the deck of a home with a medium-sized dog walking next to her. She has an aerosol can in her hand, and repeatedly lights a flame next to the can, spraying fire. At one point in the video she appears to touch the dog with the flame and the animal rushes away.



The video went viral, and police were alerted to the alleged animal abuse. The girls have not been identified due to their ages, 13 and 14, and the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office has not yes pressed any charges.

“There could be, possibly, very serious charges,” Sgt. David Posten with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 8. “And because of that we don’t rush into it.”

The dog suffered minor injuries, including singed fur, and is expected to make a full recovery.


Feature photo: Fox 8 video screenshot