‘I’m dying … don’t save me’: Hero brother dies in Hurricane Harvey on way to feed sister’s cat, saves friend’s life

A young man in Houston died tragically after he was electrocuted on his way to feed his sister’s cat.

KRPC reports that Andrew Pasek, 25, died of electrocution Tuesday while walking in floodwater in the Houston community of Bear Creek Village. Pasek was reportedly walking to his sister’s house, along with his friend Sean, to check on it and feed her cat.

“It was just a terrible mistake, accident that shouldn’t have happened,” Pasek’s heartbroken sister Alyssa told the news station.

“They were going to wade in the water, they were only in about knee-deep water and walking through the neighbors’ yards because the water was more shallow. He got too close to an electrical wire that was still running hot.”

The selfless young man reportedly knew that he had been electrocuted, and told his friend not to approach him, knowing that it could put the friend in danger.

“He told Sean (his friend), ‘I’m dying. Go away. Don’t help me,’” Pasek’s mother told the news station.

“He didn’t want him to get electrocuted too.”

Unimaginably, this is the second time the man’s mother lost a child to a tragic accident. A son died in a car crash in 1993.

“I’m pulling my strength from the fact I’ve been through it once and I can get through it,” the mother said, adding that she doesn’t want her son Andrew to have died in vain.

“I mean we really want to get this out to the public to be aware, to know about the dangers of the water and electricity,” she said.


Feature photo: Facebook