Married sperm donor fathers 59 babies behind wife’s back; men reveal preference for ‘natural insemination’

A British documentary called Desperately Seeking Semen profiled anonymous donors who claim to have fathered children in an orthodox way — in some cases, the donors are having intercourse with the recipients, and one subject fathered dozens of children without his wife’s knowledge.

The BBC Three film explores a type of ‘black market’ for sperm donation sought out by hopeful parents. Citing the high cost and inaccessibility of IVF or sperm from a bank, couples who are unable to conceive naturally are turning to Facebook groups and online profiles to find sperm donors, according to the Mirror.

The filmmakers spoke with men who donate sperm without their wives’ knowledge, including men who provide “natural insemination”– having unprotected sex with the sperm recipient. A donor named Jason admitted that he preferred natural insemination for the “perk” of having sex with various women.

“I prefer natural insemination where you have unprotected sex and when you have sex the sperm comes out at 20 something miles per hour so it’s more thorough….I’m not going to lie, having sex is a perk.”

Online alternatives also include a more clinical option: Insemination kits are available online and allow for possible fertilization without sexual intercourse. Men will reportedly offer to meet women in various locations for the “semen exchange.”

One of the men profiled in the documentary said he’d been donating sperm for 15 years, resulting in the birth of 59 children with several more on the way. 

The anonymous married man admitted that he donated without his wife’s knowledge and doesn’t intend to tell her.

“To find out your husband has not got six children anymore but has way over 60 would be disastrous. It’s just a secret I have to take to the grave.”

[Feature Photo: Screenshot/BBC 3/YouTube]