‘Mom’ starves 6-week-old baby boy to death because she couldn’t bond with him: Police

Prosecutors in Colorado charge a married couple with first-degree murder, stemming from the February death of their 6-week-old baby boy, according to NBC’s 9News.

Authorities arrested John Ostrander, 21, and his wife, Donica Mirabal, 21, of Colorado Springs, following a six-month investigation into the death of their infant son, Zayden.

In February, the coupled called 911 to their apartment when Zayden stopped breathing. Emergency medical responders found the little boy dead inside of a bedroom in the pair’s Colorado Springs apartment. The infant appeared severely underweight, according to authorities. One of the paramedics said that baby looked as if “he was out of an Auschwitz movie.”

Mirabal told detectives the little boy simply kept getting sick and couldn’t hold liquids down. She allegedly admitted that she smoked marijuana while pregnant with Zayden, only saw a doctor three times for prenatal checkups, and never formed a mother/son bond with him. Born premature at 36 weeks, the baby tested positive for THC and stayed in the hospital several days after birth due to health complications.

The day before the baby died, he stopped eating and couldn’t cry, according to Mirabal. She said the baby would open his mouth as if wanting to cry, but nothing would come out. The affidavit stated she didn’t take her son to the hospital because she didn’t have a ride to get there.

“She stated that [he] felt cold and she could not get a ride to the hospital, When asked, she reported that she didn’t take him in for medical treatment because the couple doesn’t have a vehicle and because Mr. Ostrander told her to wait another day.”

Mirabal told detectives that on February 28, the day Zayden died, he wouldn’t eat, drink, or cry, and spent most the day silently sleeping. She said when she checked on him at around 5:30 p.m. that evening, his skin had turned ice cold.

Ostrander claimed that he had no idea what happened to his son, and that he was the “breadwinner” while Mirabal was in charge of taking care of the baby.

Both suspects are facing charges of murder and child abuse resulting in death. They remain behind bars awaiting a court hearing on September 12.

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[Feature Photo: Police Handout]