‘I don’t care! He raped my daughter’: Mom murders teen who sexually assaulted 6-year-old girl: Prosecutor

A Florida mother who reportedly confessed to killing a male teenager accused of raping the woman’s 6-year-old daughter, is being charged with murder, according to prosecutors.

MSN News reports that on on July 7, 2016, Connie Serbu allegedly chased Xavier Sierra, 18, into a secluded, wooded area in Naples, where she and her brother confronted the teen and killed him. After shooting Sierra, Serbu called 911 on herself and told authorities that Sierra, an acquaintance of her family, raped her little girl.

“So I don’t care, he raped my daughter, I don’t care, he sodomized my daughter… she told me everything that happened.”

Authorities later found Sierra’s lifeless body off of the 700 block of Goodlette-Frank Road. He died from gunshot wounds, police confirmed.

Court documents indicate Serbu, along with her brother, John Vargas, hired Sierra to help them put together bunk beds at Serbu’s home. They picked picked Sierra and while driving, Serbu brought up the sexual assault incident.

When the vehicle stopped, Sierra opened the door and fled, but Serbu and Vargas gave chase. Once they arrived at a wooded area, both suspects pulled out guns. Sierra attempted to wrestle the gun away from Vargas, but ended up with six gunshot wounds from both of the suspects’ guns. Court records state that Vargas is mentally disabled.

Vargas also got shot and killed during the incident while Sierra wrestled him for his gun. Authorities discovered his body nearby.

According to detectives, Serbu’s husband confirmed that his wife had been planning revenge on Sierra. He told police that Serbu informed him he’d likely have to take care of their children alone after she got revenge on the teen. Due to the homicide investigation, Serbu had to relinquish all rights to her two children to her husband.

Serbu remains behind bars on charges of second-degree murder.

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[Feature Photo: Collier County Sheriff’s Office/Handout]