Video shows violent arrest of nurse who refused to draw unconscious patient’s blood; officer is under investigation

A police officer was caught on video appearing to assault a nurse who was simply trying to do her job.

Body camera video released this week appears to show Salt Lake City police officer, Jeff Payne, violently handcuff nurse Alex Wubbels, a two-time Olympian, inside the University Hospital Burn Unit, reports KSL.

Officer Payne was sent to get a blood sample from a sedated and comatose victim of a fiery head-on crash. Wubbels informed the officer that since the patient was unconscious and able to give consent she could not allow him to draw blood, unless he had a warrant or if the patient was under arrest. But there was no warrant or arrest.

In the video, Wubbels is seen and heard speaking with her supervisors on speaker phone who confirm the hospital policy.

“Sir,” the supervisor says to the officer, “you’re making a huge mistake because you are threatening a nurse.”

At that point, Payne allegedly snapped and roughly grabbed Wubbels. He pushed her out of the unit with her hands behind her back. Wubbels yelled “help me” and “you’re assaulting me” as the officer handcuffed her and put her in an unmarked car.

Wubbels was detained for about 20 minutes before being released. No charges were filed against her.

Payne remains on active duty while an internal investigation is completed.

The video footage is from the University Hospital’s security cameras as well as body cameras worn by other officers on scene. Portions of the video were shown in the office of attorney Karra Porter, who is representing Wubbels, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Wubbels has not filed a claim nor a lawsuit and hopes the incident will lead to better education of law enforcement.

“I can’t sit on this video and not attempt to speak out both to re-educate and inform,” she told the Salt Lake Tribune.

She said police officers “need to be having conversations about what is appropriate intervention.”

[Feature Photo: YouTube]