VIDEO: Suspect dives in ocean to evade police, swims 4,000 feet in dramatic escape — with shark right on his tail

A suspect facing drug charges tried to evade police by jumping into the ocean, unaware that a shark was swimming nearby.

WECT reports that Zachary Kingsbury, 20, was driving in Surf City, North Carolina, on Wednesday when police pulled him over. The officers saw what they suspected to be illegal contraband and asked Kingsbury to step out of the car. When he did, the suspect raced away and ran into to the nearby ocean, swimming away from the p0lice.

But Kingsbury appeared to be unaware that a shark was swimming a short distance behind him. The Surf City Police department caught the potentially deadly swim on a drone recording in an attempt to track the suspect.

Kingsbury continued to swim for an hour, with the shark nearly on his tail. He was about 4,000 feet from shore when police lost visual contact with him. He was later taken into custody when he reportedly swam to shore in North Topsail Beach. The suspect was unhurt and is facing multiple drug related charges.

Watch the drone footage here:

| WBTV Charlotte


Feature photo: Surf City Police