Monday Crime Stories: Who murdered Molly Bish — A cold case heating up!

Molly Bish was 16 when she disappeared from her life guard job at Comins Pond in Warren, Massachusetts, 17 years ago. Her murdered remains were found on a mountainside three years later. No one has ever been arrested in Molly’s kidnapping and murder.

This is a case that Nancy Grace has closely followed for years. Molly’s mom and sister join Nancy in this Crime Stories episode to revisit the evidence and discuss renewed efforts to find justice for Bish.

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Magi Bish said she told her teen daughter her she loved her before getting out the car and leaving for eighth day of work. As Magi drove away, she noticed a white car with a suspicious-looking white man close by. She said she’s not sure if she was looking into the eyes of her daughter’s killer, but she at least thinks the man may have seen something that could help solve the case.

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