Tuesday Crime Stories: Is there a second Natalee Holloway grave? ‘Tipster’ Gabriel hints missing Alabama woman’s remains were divided!

As Natalee Hollway’s family waits for tests to confirm if bones found buried in Aruba are remains of the missing Alabama woman, the man who led them to the grave hints there is a second location where other body parts are hidden.

Gabriel Madrigal, who befriended a man who claimed to have helped hide Holloway’s remains and recorded his apparent confession, opened up to Nancy Grace in this Crime Stories episode with details not included in the ongoing Oxygen docu-series, The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Madrigal stopped short of disclosing secrets beyond a promise of “twists and turns” in the remaining three episodes of the Oxygen series, but he did suggest he has knowledge of a second burial location. The FBI has the information and is investigating, he said.

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Cold Case Research Institute director Sheryl McCollum and investigative reporter Art Harris both questioned Gabriel about how there could be bones to analyze if the recovered remains had been cremated, as had been claimed by “John,” the man who allegedly helped Joran van der Sloot hide the body. While he would not disclose upcoming revelations in the series, he did concede that John’s cremation story is questionable. Psychologist Pat Saunders also joined Nancy on this episode.

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