Diplomat’s daughter stabs boy with scissors at elite prep school, avoids arrest due to ‘status’: Police

A young girl stabbed a 13-year-old boy with a pair of scissors at an elite prep school in Washington D.C., but she’ll apparently avoid prosecution due to her “diplomatic immunity.”

NBC reports that the girl, 12, stabbed the teen boy twice in the shoulder at the at the British International School of Washington in Georgetown. Authorities said the incident occurred at little after 1 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon.

According to MPD Inspector Mike Coligan, the girl was detained but her diplomatic status prevents authorities from arresting her.

“The suspect has been identified, however, because of her diplomatic status, there’s going to be no arrest at this time. Any questions regarding the diplomatic status can be referred to the State Department.”

The victim was taken to the Children’s National Medical Center and is expected to recover from the incident.

“I’m shocked,” a parent of another student at the school told NBC. “I never expected this from a school like this.”

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations laws gives “privileges and immunities” to diplomats, which prevents the nation from prosecuting them. The girl’s identity and her father’s identity is unknown.

[Feature Photo: Google Maps/Dec. 2016]