Man claiming to be ‘Jesus’ slaughters aunt and uncle who raised him: Police

A Michigan man who supposedly said he was Jesus is behind bars for allegedly murdering his aunt and uncle.

WJBK reports that Joseph Borowiak, 37, was arraigned on Tuesday in a Warren courthouse on two counts of murder. He’s accused of killing his uncle, Steven Collins, 67, and his aunt, Cindy Collins, 66. The victims were found lifeless in their home off of Panama Street in Warren on Friday afternoon.

Authorities stated that they found Borowiak a few miles from the residence around six hours after they discovered the bodies; he was covered in blood. Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said that Collins couple raised Borowiak since early childhood and so far, the motive remains unclear.

“He had blood spatter on his sweatshirt, and a drop of blood on his eyeglasses….What is the explanation? Only the person who committed the homicides can answer why. Why would you murder people that actually raised you cared about you, supported you, helped you?”

Dwyer also said the couple “did as much as they could” for Borowiak. Yet, neighbors reportedly said that the suspect has serious mental issues and thought of himself as Jesus. His Facebook page was filled with a series of religious quotes and jargons, along with numerous photos of his home and a family photo with a relative blacked out of the picture. Authorities took other family members into custody for their own safety until they detained the suspect.

‘We were able to identify some of the relatives and they were in our custody at the time for their own protection,” authorities said.

Borowiak remains in jail without bond. He’s scheduled for a probable cause court appearance on September 14.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]