NIGHTMARE: Tinder date gets stuck in window after failed attempt to conceal poop

A recent Tinder date went to the toilet, literally, after a poo mishap that is almost too bizarre to be believed.

The New York Post reports that Liam Smith of Bristol, England, went out on a first Tinder date to a Portuguese restaurant before retiring to his home to watch a Scientology documentary with the young woman.

But at one point, Liam’s date got up to use the bathroom, and shared some concerning news when she returned.

Liam explained the story on a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign page (more on why fundraising was necessary shortly):

“‘I went for a poo in your toilet,’ she told me, ‘and it would not flush. I don’t know why I did this, but I panicked,’ she continued.”

“‘I reached into the toilet bowl, wrapped it in tissue paper, and threw it out of the window.'”

A reasonable response, but unfortunately, due to an oddly-designed window, the poo didn’t make it to the garden. Instead, as Liam explained, it got stuck in the space between the double-paned window, which Liam said is about a foot and a half wide.

Liam’s date, an amateur gymnast, reportedly offered to climb into the gap — headfirst — in order to retrieve the package. And she was able to pull the poo out of the window space and hand it to Liam. But she couldn’t pull herself out.

Liam wrote on his GoFundMe campaign page that he was concerned about his date’s safety and called the fire department to rescue her. The firefighters were able to pull the mortified woman from the window, but they had to break it in the process.

Now, Liam is on the line for over £300 (almost $400 U.S.) to replace the broken window. Hence the GoFundMe campaign, which has already raised over £1,000. The PhD student says he is donating excess funds to two charities: a firefighter charity and a nonprofit organization dedicated to building flushable toilets for communities in developing countries.

He says he launched the crowdfunding campaign with the complete cooperation of his date, who no doubt is wishing she went out the window herself and never looked back.


Feature photo: GoFundMe