Wednesday Crime Stories: Boyfriend tells Nancy Grace about Texas realtor’s disappearance & Did cold medicine turn a sleeping pastor into a wife killer?

Crystal McDowell is still missing nearly two weeks after she vanished just ahead of Hurricane Harvey hitting her Texas town. The last person known to have seen the 37-year-old Texas realtor and mother of two — boyfriend Paul Hargrave — talks to Nancy Grace about her disappearance and the search. Baytown, Texas, newspaper reporter Matt Hollis, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober and radio host David Mack also join the discussion.

McDowell went missing last Friday, August 25, after driving to pick up her two young children from her ex-husband’s home. In the following days, the hurricane would ravage southeast Texas, bringing unprecedented flooding and taking dozens of lives.

It’s possible that emergency conditions may have hampered the early days of the missing person investigation. Hargrave, who said the two had been dating for only about a month before she vanished, said some law enforcement agents themselves were trapped by the storm conditions, making it difficult to focus on searching for her. But he says he believes police are doing everything they can.

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Nancy and guests also ask the question: Did too much cold medicine cause a husband to murder his wife in his sleep? A North Carolina man says he woke up to find his wife stabbed to death and he thinks the medicine made him stab her.

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