Woman forced to move out of apartment after someone posts fake escort ad with her private Facebook photos and address

A woman in Montreal is living a nightmare after someone created fake escort ads using her photos and personal information.

CBC reports that a young woman that the news outlet is calling “Melissa” has been the target of a sinister online harassment campaign, and that the person who created the fake account appears to be someone who knows her well.

Melissa reportedly began receiving text messages asking her for sex late last month, and initially thought they were spam. Hours after she first got the messages, a man came to her apartment building knocking on all the doors. But even then, according to the report, she did not think anything suspicious was going on.

Until a short time later, when an acquaintance sent her a link to an escort website. To Melissa’s horror, the escort ad appeared to belong to her: It included her name, face, home address, and correct cell phone number.

“I was super upset,” she told CBC.

And to make the situation even more disturbing, the person who created that ad used a photo from Melissa’s Facebook page that is only accessible to her approved “friends” on the social media site.

Fearful for her safety, Melissa left her apartment and has been living with friends until she learns who is behind the sinister online prank. And while she was able to get the ads removed when the contacted the website, she told the news outlet that she did not feel police were taking the case seriously enough.

She reportedly made a police report on August 28, and an officer told her that someone would follow up with her in two weeks.

“I just want the police to … try to find the guy. I don’t even care, I just need to know. I need to know because I’m scared of people every day,” she said.

But Melissa says she is afraid they will do nothing.

“They’re waiting for something bad to happen,” she said.


Feature photo: Pixabay