‘Evil cow’ bride-to-be allegedly robs fiancé and friends of $17,000 by faking bachelor party trip in elaborate revenge plot

The 30 revelers realized when they arrived to the airport that their boarding passes to Ibiza were forged

A vengeful bride-to-be allegedly stole thousands of dollars from her would-be groom and dozens of his friends, charging them all for an international bachelor party she was only pretending to be arranging.

The New York Post reports that Rachel Doran, 29, of Cumbria, England, allegedly stole $17,000 from her fiance Chris Mahone, 27, and his friends by collecting money for a fake bachelor trip to Ibiza. A group of 30 people had forked over $580 for what they thought was airfare and hotel bookings, only to learn when they arrived to the airport that their boarding passes were forged.

Doran reportedly believed — mistakenly, according to sources who spoke to the Sun —  that Chris had cheated on her, and convinced him to let her take the reigns of his bachelor party in an elaborate plot for revenge.

Her brother told the Sun that her own family had disowned her. She is now believed to be hiding out in a caravan park.

“How a person can do something like that is beyond me,” Doran’s brother Ryan told the Sun.

““Evil cow. No morals.”

“She’s taken $17,000 from us for a stag do that didn’t even exist,” one attendee of the phantom bachelor party told the  Sun.

“Some of us only earn $263 a week and have been saving since March. It’s scandalous.”

“Chris is the nicest person in the world, I just can’t believe it’s happened to him,” a friend told the Daily Mail. 

After the group realized that their travel plans didn’t exist, nine of them booked another flight to Magaluf, a resort town on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Chris shared a screenshot of a message from a Sun reporter while apologizing to his friends for the disaster.

It is unclear if anyone is planning to press charges against Doran.