More details about Plano shooting victims emerge as suspect’s former mother-in-law says her daughter left him because of alcoholism, alleged abuse

More victims have been identified in what Plano police are saying is the deadliest shooting the north Texas city has ever seen.

Although authorities have not released the identities of the victims or the suspects, family members and friends have confirmed to the media the names of several of those who died in Sunday’s shooting massacre.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the mother of a woman who lived in the home told ABC News that her daughter Meredith Lane was among the victims, and was recently divorced from the suspected gunman, said by witnesses to be Spencer Hight.

The mother spoke further to CBS News while she was driving from Atlanta to Plano in the wake of the tragedy. She explained to the network that Lane had eventually given up on the nearly six-year marriage because her husband continued to struggle with an alcohol problem despite her efforts to intervene. And Meredith reportedly told her mother just last week, while her mother was helping her get re-situated following the finalization of the couple’s divorce, that Hight had been physically abusive on multiple occasions.

A co-worker of another victim, Darryl Hawkins, told CBS news that when Darryl did not appear to work on Monday, she went to the scene of the shooting to see if she could get more information.

“Little by little I started connecting pieces and unfortunately, it led me here. It led me here to find out that he’s not with us anymore,” she told the news station.

Darry’s final Facebook post before he is believed to have been killed is a photo of himself  featuring the Dallas Cowboys logo. The victims, all reportedly in their 20s and 30s, had gathered at Meredith’s home to watch football.

Friends and family members of Tony Cross, believed to be another victim, went to the home on Monday looking for answers.

Carmen Carola told CBS News that Cross was her boyfriend’s best friend, and that the last time she saw him they were out dancing for her birthday.

“He was just full of love. He had nothing by love in his heart. He was an amazing person, inside and out,” said Carola.

A responding officer shot and killed the suspect when he arrived to the scene on Sunday and found the gunman still armed. Plano Police Chief Greg W. Rushin told CBS News that the officer has been placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard for police-involved shootings.

“The officer showed great bravery,” said Rushin.

CrimeOnline will provide additional updates as more information becomes available.



Feature photo: Instagram