Scott Peterson: Convict had $15K cash, a gun, and brother’s license in car when arrested; photos re-released amid appeal

When Scott was arrested in April 2003 for the murder of his wife, Laci, and unborn son, Connor, police pulled him over with a surplus of items in his car, which helped prosecutors convince a jury he was planning on going into hiding to avoid punishment.

In the upcoming ABC true crime documentary, Truth and Lies: The Murder of Laci Peterson,  photos taken by the Modesto Police Department, along with other evidence, are displayed during the two-hour TV special.

According to court documents, authorities found numerous pairs of shoes and socks in Peterson’s car, along with $15,000 in cash, a gun, a tent, water purifier, shovel camping gear, 10 Viagra pills, camera equipment, and four cellphones. Peterson also had 15 laminated flyers of Laci. He apparently didn’t bother handing them out.

[Photo: Modesto Police Department]
Further, Peterson grew a beard and dyed it a reddish blonde color, along with his hair. Authorities also found Peterson in possession of numerous credit cards and a driver’s license that belonged to his half-brother, John.

A new look at the evidence used to help convict Peterson comes on the cusp of his appeal that he’s currently awaiting. While Peterson attempts to get out of prison, other docuseries are featuring information about 11 witnesses who said they saw Laci walking her dog on the day she disappeared. Others said she could have been kidnapped by thieves who robbed a home across from the Petersons on the day Laci was kidnapped.

Yet, with all the evidence found in Peterson’s care, it’s likely safe to say he was planning an escape. Authorities, however, pulled him over before he could get away after Laci’s remains washed ashore at the San Francisco Bay. A baby’s remains were also found. Later, a DNA test confirmed that the infant was baby Connor.

[Photo: Modesto Police Department]
Peterson didn’t make the arrest easy. According to the lead investigator on the case, Allen Brocchini, Peterson sped up to 80 miles per hour, while suddenly braking in an attempt to throw officers off.

“He was driving 80 miles an hour on a freeway and he would slam his brakes on, pull over. It got to the point where we had a helicopter, lost him … either he’s going to kill somebody or one of these agents that are trying to follow him are going to get killed or kill somebody.”

[Photo: Modesto Police Department]
After his arrest, Peterson claimed he thought the media was chasing him and he was simply trying to outrun them. He explained the items in the car by saying he was going to San Diego and avoiding Modesto. His hair dye? He said he wanted to avoided the media. Peterson seemed to have an answer for everything except when it came to his wife and son.

[Photo: Modesto Police Department]
Since the beginning of the investigation, Peterson has claimed innocence, despite the massive and overwhelming evidence stacked against him.

Watch the full documentary, Truth and Lies: The Murder of Laci Peterson, on Thursday, Sept. 14 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC, featuring several guests, including CrimeOnline’s Nancy Grace.

[Feature Photo: Handout/California Department of Corrections]