Distraught husband allegedly tries to kill little girl after finding his wife dead of suicide: Report

Prosecutors say the man intentionally crashed his car because he was trying to kill the girl

A grieving husband is on trial for allegedly attempting to kill a little girl by intentionally crashing his car while she was his passenger.

The Guardian reports that Lukasz Jarosz of Wiltshire, England, took the unidentified girl into his car shorty after he found his wife dead of suicide in a bathroom at their home.

Prosecutor Kerry Maylin reportedly said in court that Jarosz became “hysterical” after finding his wife’s body and forced the girl into the car with him as he drove erratically in circles for over an hour, before crashing the car.

“Lukasz Jarosz’s wife, Aneta Jarosz, had decided to end her own life. Jarosz found her body in the bathroom of their home in Wilton,” Maylin said.

“Lukasz Jarosz had found her some time in the early afternoon on that Friday … he laid her on the bed, attempted to perform CPR.”

The prosecutor said that the girl was often screaming and crying during the terrifying car ride, and that the suspect locked the car doors to prevent her from opening them. He also reportedly threatened suicide himself.

At one point, Jarosz allegedly unbuckled both his and the girl’s seatbelt while driving well above the speed limit. He then crashed into a van, causing severe damage to both vehicles and trapping the girl inside.

The girl had to be pulled out of the car by a rescue team, and suffered a broken leg in the crash.

After he crashed the car, witnesses reportedly heard Jarosz saying, “My wife killed, my wife killed.”

The prosecutor said that Jarosz and his wife had been arguing over suspicions that he had been unfaithful.

A jury has not yet delivered a verdict in the trial.



Feature photo: Pixabay