Restaurant server fired after leaving hateful message to police officer customer

A California restaurant server lost his job he reportedly left an anti-police message on a Torrance police officer’s receipt on Thursday.

NBC10 reports that the server worked the lunch shift on Thursday at Pieology off of Pacific Coast Highway in Torrance when the incident occurred. As the officer and his partner order their meal at the restaurant, they noticed a message printed on the receipt that read, “F— The Cops.”

The officer’s wife, who goes by Leigh Anne on social media, posted the receipt, along with a message to the server who blatantly disrespected them, on Facebook on Monday.

I want to share this with everyone to show the unprovoked hatred that my husband and his partners deal with everyday. …

Posted by Leigh Ann on Monday, September 18, 2017


“I want to share this with everyone to show the unprovoked hatred that my husband and his partners deal with everyday. This is not the type of business that I want to see in the city where I live. My husband’s partner was just trying to get a quick bite to eat in the middle of a busy shift and this is what he received. Needless to say we will never eat at Pieology ever again. I hope you all will help support our police and share this both near and far. It is NOT ok to treat our officers like this.”

The Facebook post quickly went viral, garnering over 17,000 shares. When the manager of the pizza restaurant caught wind of the situation, the employee was swiftly terminated.

Sgt. Ronald Harris, of the Torrance Police Department, said that the officer stopped by the restaurant at lunch and noticed the message right away when he got his receipt. The officer didn’t react negatively. Instead, he left a tip.

“He was very empathetic,” Harris told NBC10. “What happened in the course of this individual’s life for this to come to this?”

Pieology issued an apology after the incident and assured officers across the nation that the ex-employee’s actions do not reflect upon the restaurant’s values.

“The actions of this employee do not in any way reflect the thoughts of Pieology, and we have taken swift and serious action to rectify the situation, including terminating the offending employee. We have the utmost respect and gratitude for the men and women who keep our communities safe, and have no tolerance for hateful language or actions.”

[Feature Photo: Google Maps/July 2015]