Tuesday Crime Stories: Cold med killer suspect heads to court; Alabama mom charged with murder in DUI death

A North Carolina man who blames an overdose of cold medicine for a bad dream that ended with his wife stabbed to death appears in court soon. Matthew Phelps, 27, is charged with the murder Lauren Phelps, 29, in the earlier morning hours of September. He calmly told a 911 dispatcher that he was covered with dried blood and his wife was bloodied and lifeless in their bed.

Nancy Grace updates the cough medicine killer case with forensic psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober, syndicated radio host David Mack and Crime Stories co-host Alan Duke.

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An Alabama mother is jailed on a murder charge after her 10-year-old daughter died in a car crash. Karen Foster, 35, allegedly was high on drugs when she crashed her car, killing daughter Malaya Peterson and injuring five others.

Nancy talks about the case with Crime Stories contributing reporter Larry Meagher, forensics expert Sheryl McCollum, and psychoanalyst Dr. Bethany Marshall.

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[Feature Photo: Police Handout]